Every time I open my eyes, there is an insightful and visually resplendent new book on German and Bauhaus design and typography by Patrick Rössler. Fortunately for us all, New Typographies Bauhaus & Beyond: 100 Years of Functional Graphic Design in Germany is published in English and German. The postwar years, prior to the Nazi’s war on Modernism, were a fertile period for German graphic design and advertising. Led by avant gardists, when seen separately or as critical mass, it is clear a visual revolution was in progress.

Published to coincide with last year’s Bauhaus anniversary, which was the catalyst for The New Typography, the material collected never goes out of date. Witness some of the rarities examined below.



Wilhelm Lesemann, covers for the influential Typographische Mitteilungen


Advertising brochure “Ein Buch vom Sport” by Jan Tschichold


Covers by Walter Dexel (left) and Xanti Schawinsky (right)


Hanns & Mila Hoffmann-Lederer


John Heartfield book cover for Illja Ehrenburg’s Die traumfabrik


Advertisement by Lotte Pottel


Brochure cover by Carl Ernst Hinkefß (Wilhelm Defke’s studio partner)

Cover for exhibition of Maske Theater by Wilhelm Deffke


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The post Where Typography Was Headed in Germany appeared first on Printing Perfect.