We the Women is in search of real change. Their site says: “We believe we can and should empower other women to build a new approach. Women, women-identifying and non-binary folks can represent the rights of women in our country and when we bring our perspective to the forefront – it can be a catalyst for that change. Feminism also is not exclusive to women and for the purposes of this project, we see feminism as “organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests.” (Merriam-Webster dictionary).”

Designers and organizers, Michele Cooper and Kelly Holohan, asked women designers to contribute their talents in the form of poster designs. Each designer’s unique perspective is represented in the collection and is a response to the attacks on women’s rights.

Noopur Agarwal.

Lauren Vajda.

We the Women is a women-led design firm.

Katy Galvin.

We the Women is a women-led design firm.

Soonduk Krebs.

We the Women is a women-led design firm.

Anne Gianguilio.

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