If you’re a philatelist, you’ll recall when stamps were sent from collector vendors on approval (if you liked the selection, you paid for the stamps or sent them back). If you are a stamp collector and a design accumulator you’ll be interested in Kat Ran Press’s most recent publication ICONIC: The Postage Stamps of Lance Wyman by Niko Courtelis. Wyman, who designed the “iconic” 1968 Mexico Olympics identity was also a stamp designer. This edition of the Kat Ran stamp series is a wonderful keepsake.

“Postage stamps tell stories,” write Courtelis. “They’re part of a country’s cultural identity, envoys that reflect heritage, politics and ideals, and have the potential to evoke strong feelings. The Wyman collection tells many stories about the Olympics, Martin Luther King Jr., the 1970 World Cup, The Mexico Metro, the Moon Landing, a solar eclipse and more. And it is yours for the asking


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