Let me be perfectly clear (as Richard Nixon used to say), there was no Democratic party in 1792 (it was not founded until around 1828), so the iconic mascots of the Democratic party donkey and Republican party (founded in 1854) elephant designed by German/American cartoonist Thomas Nast in 1870 and 1874, respectively, were not yet conceived. But even in those nascent days of American democracy, there were political conventions, electoral primary seasons, and, therefore, a herd of political asses running for office. This political cartoon by an unknown satiric commentator seems to have predicted the current field. Hopefully, at least one of them will have the tenacity, intelligence and ethical strength to kick the arse of their common opponent out of the office/swamp he now inhabits.

The primary election season of 1792 spurred political comics.The primary election season of 1792 spurred political comics.Francisco Goya’s “Capricho nº 39: Hasta su abuelo” (1796) also suggest a crowded primary election season today.

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