Sinead Hanlon owns and runs The Knot Collective, and she says: “we make graphic art rugs made from 100% recycled plastic.” The Collective’s debut design collaboration is with Stefan Sagmeister, and the premiere rug release, called “Comb,” is Sagmeister’s first foray into the rug world and “stays true to his intriguing style,” says Hanlon.

The Knot Collective makes bespoke rugs from recycled plastic.

Stefan Sagmeister: Comb.

Sagmeister’s limited edition art rugs will be produced at Goodweave certified mills using 100% recycled P.E.T yarn, meaning more than 3,850 plastic bottles will be diverted from a landfill for every rug sold. A portion of the profit from each sale will be donated to aid Goodweave’s vital work.

“The idea came from the fact that my carpet fringes always seem to be an unruly mess. I pictured a large comb on the rug, which may be able to help with that,” said Sagmeister. “So much has been said about this by designers everywhere. It had become something designers just say – to me these comments have become almost meaningless. I would like the fact that my rug for The Knot Collective is made entirely of post-consumer plastic to speak for itself.”

Comb will be available in a limited edition of 12 in a choice of 5 different sizes from 150x200cm – 400x533cm, costing between £540.00 and £2,160.00 exclusively from

The Knot Collective avoids using precious hydrocarbons to create its polyester material, which in turn reduces energy consumption for manufacturing by 66%, greenhouse gas emissions by over 34% and water consumption by nearly 50%.

Designer rugs are a venerable genre. Other rugs in The Knot Collective collection conjure up Futurism and other modern arts. View the collection here.

The Knot Collective makes bespoke rugs from recycled plastic.

Luke Insect: Magik Sunrise

The Knot Collective makes bespoke rugs from recycled plastic.

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