Picture Magazines of the Times (Bildermaga Zin Der Zeit) (Gebr. Mann Verlag, Berlin) by Patrick Rössler is just what the doctor ordered today. In the 1920s, “The illustrated Magazine” was planned to be among the celebrated series of Bauhaus Books (Bauhausbücher). Edited by Moholy Nagy it was to be a “critical inventory” of contemporary journals and their production, Joost Schmidt, a typography master at the school was also involved with the project but the work was never completed. Rössler, a design historian who has three other book on the Bauhaus published this 100th anniversary year, “attempts to outline the original project” and based on Moholy Nagy’s 1925 progressive essay, the “Guidelines for a Synthetic Magazine” is reevaluated by Rössler in this current book.

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