A—Z is new space in Berlin (Torstr. 93, Berlin-Mitte) dedicated to experimental graphic design — “developing, showcasing and promoting ideas and projects in which graphic design goes beyond its traditional boundaries and explores its more unconventional and experimental facets,” notes its founder Anja Lutz of Anja Lutz Art Books.

Redefining in Dialogue

It is a storefront space, located in the heart of the city, where renowned graphic designers will be invited to unfold their artistic, conceptual or formally experimental graphic design projects. Each of the invited collaborators create works that are personal statements that reach beyond the commissioned and applied realm of graphic design. A–Z’s mission is to foster dialogue and to redefine the perception of graphic design.

Experimental graphic design, including type, has a home at A–Z in Berlin. Experimental graphic design, including type, has a home at A–Z in Berlin.

Exhibit One

The initial exhibition is The Library of Shapes, Texts and Structures by Andrea Tinnes (June 9th, 2019) is a visual research project and personal archive of graphic elements. The title is program; as the “library” encompasses systematic collecting, note-taking, documenting, selecting, registering, archiving, manipulating, sorting and cataloguing of a body of diverse visual, textual and linguistic material.

Experimental graphic design, including type, has a home at A–Z in Berlin.The library’s “Shapes” section consists of two comprehensive typographic systems: The Affiche Collection and Allgemein Grotesk are both fonts that combine different letter forms in their character sets, and include numerous forms and symbols, from abstract-geometric to figurative-illustrative to organic-distorted. The section “Structures” contains a variety of analogue and digital textures, as well as photographic imagery of vernacular typography. These visual collections are complemented by the section “Texts”, which gathers excerpts, sorted by date, from newspapers, magazines, books and social media posts.

The exhibition at A–Z presents the current state of the Library of Shapes, Texts and Structures and a diverse series of vibrant posters that combine a selection of materials from the library with different motifs and color combinations.


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