Dropbox is synonymous with file sharing across the creative community, and today, they’re dropping a little something special onto our drives—a series of curated Digital Care Packages direct from some of the best artists, designers, writers and makers working today. Each set features a video greeting from the creator, and a medley of art and design treats.

Here are eight of our favorites. For the full set of 26, head over to Dropbox’s Until We Meet Again landing page. 



100 Day Project

100 days of design, 100 days of illustration, 100 days of new recipes, 100 days of tap dancing, 100 days of crochet, 100 days of interpretive dance—the 100 Days project challenges you to 100 days of … anything, really. Originally a course created by Michael Bierut, these days Elle Luna and Lindsay Jean Thomson preside over the initiative on Instagram. This care package offers a how-to guide for your very own 100 Days project, from inspirational resources to intention-setting worksheets and a map to forge the path ahead.

Debbie Millman

The Design Matters host has collected a massive cache for creatives:

  • 25 episodes of Design Matters, featuring the likes of Malcolm Gladwell, Laurie Anderson and more
  • A film by Hillman Curtis featuring a Design Matters interview with Lawrence Weiner, shot on location in Weiner’s studio
  • Millman’s “Ode to New York City” series
  • A PDF copy of her book Self-Portrait as Your Traitor
  • A digital file of her live-drawn sketches of the film Melancholia
  • A file of Millman’s isolation art
  • And more.

Roxane Gay

Writer Roxane Gay has prepped an equally glorious roundup:

  • Gay’s favorite essays and short stories, including some that are hard to find and out of print
  • Two episodes of Gay’s Hear to Slay podcast—and a promo code for two free months of podcasts on Luminary 
  • A PDF of the first issue of Gay’s comic The Banks
  • A roundup of lessons for writers
  • Some of Gay’s favorite recipes, from her blueberry pancake cake to her buttery thin crispy chocolate chip cookies
  • A Scrabble cheat sheet.

Brian Rea

In quarantine, illustrator Brian Rea has been working on a series titled “Avoid This”—and in his care package, he offers a medley of highlights from it. As he says in his video, “Download them, print them, draw all over them or perhaps even make some of your own.” Share yours on Instagram, and you might find yourself reposted on Rea’s account.  


Now is as good a time as any to work on your personal artistic voice—and Dropbox.Design has a resource designed to help you do just that. LaDonna Witmer Willems’ workbook takes you on a journey of self-discovery to explore your identity, your values and, ultimately, what your voice sounds like. The book is complemented by a series of powerful positivity motivational images. 

Wendy MacNaughton

Wendy MacNaughton is an illustrator and author whose work you likely know well—but in COVID times she has become “Your friendly quarantined art instructor for kids” on Instagram. To that end, MacNaughton’s care package includes two of her favorite classes from the past eight weeks of quarantine: Her video on how to draw a bear in the woods eating blueberries with a bunny, and her exploration of the sense of taste via a virtual visit to a bakery.

Ace Hotels

Ace Hotels has assembled a design-minded staycation from the best of their properties, including:

  • Cocktail and food recipes from the kitchens of their esteemed restaurants, from the Breslin Caesar Salad and Holy Water Cocktail to City Mouse Pancakes and Canestri Cacio e Pepe
  • Virtual backgrounds featuring some of their most aesthetically pleasing venues
  • An Ace activity book offering Mad Libs, drawing challenges and more
  • Motivational theater marquee affirmations.

Amir H. Fallah

The LA-based artist offers up his Art in the Age of COVID-19 zine, which includes a Zoom background based on his painting A Hunger for Which You Can’t Have (below), Fallah’s vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe, a Spotify playlist of his favorite songs in quarantine, plus an interview where you can learn more about his background and work.


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