These times can sometimes feel like the end of days … but End of Days Distillery was named for more optimistic ends: reflecting on what matters at the close of each day (with a drink in hand, of course).

The Wilmington, NC–based purveyor opened in February. Ebbing Branding completed the identity, signage and merch, as well as the designs for the initial releases in the “Port of Entry” series. (As a nod to the community, when the bottles are turned around, the collective labels form a composite of the Wilmington riverfront.)

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ebbing also created conceptual designs for the distillery’s hand sanitizer—which End of Days has been producing and giving away for free to local residents.

With more time on our (now clean) hands these days, a little reflection never hurt anyone—and hey, a well-designed vodka makes it easier to swallow, too.






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