Since launching in 2016, Amalga Distillery has done two things exceedingly well: spirits and design.

The Juneau, Alaska–based distillery—the city’s first—brews up its signature sips in a 250-gallon pot still. So far, that includes a hearty gin (48% ABV), the flavor profile of which varies by local seasonal harvest, and a forthcoming single-malt whiskey. (Not to mention the hand sanitizer they’ve been producing in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.)

The distillery has also released a line of canned cocktails, sodas and tonic, which Eric Nyffeler has brilliantly designed.

Check out the original logo and bottle packaging by Demelza Rafferty, followed by Nyffeler’s can design and merch mug. (And if you live in Juneau, head on over to Amalga. We envy you.)











Images: Amalga

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