“The Animated Archive. Work in progress ” the current exhibition at the Fondazione Cirulli, the archive and collection of Massimo Cirulli, is a “real laboratory” of history and culture of the twentieth century established to tell the story of the century of modernity. This is a story told through design artifacts of Italian creativity as we know it today. The story is through an exhibition kaleidoscope that ranges from figurative arts to industrial design , from advertising to cinema, from photography to television, from fabrics to magazines. http://en.fondazionecirulli.org/exhibition/larchivio-animato-lavori-in-corso/

If you are in Bologna (or in Italy and can get yourself to Bologna), this is a venue not to be missed and a collection to savor. And speaking of savor, spend extra time with Cirulli’s pasticceria papers.

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