There have been 1363 journalists killed throughout the world between 1992 and 2019 (according to the Committee to Protect Journalists and Reporters Without Borders). Mmuseumm, a museum in New York City dedicated to “Object Journalism,” is looking for help collecting business cards of journalists killed in recent years for exhibition and as a testament to their courage.

If you have:
– a business card of a journalist who has been murdered or know someone that may
– contacts to the news organizations listed below that have lost team members
– contacts that may themselves have contacts
Please contact

More information about Mmuseumm

And below is a list of news organizations by country who have lost team members in recent years.

Afghanistan Kabul News
Afghanistan Agence France-Presse
Afghanistan Radio Azadi,Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
Afghanistan TOLO News
Afghanistan 1TV
Afghanistan Mashal TV
Afghanistan Radio Azadi,Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
Brazil Beira Rio FM
Brazil Rádio Pérola
Ecuador El Comercio
Ghana Tiger Eye Private Investigations
Haiti Radio Panic FM,Radio Méga
Honduras Valle TV
India Dainik Bhaskar
India News World
India Rising Kashmir
India Aj Newspaper
Libya Fasanea
Mexico Freelance
Mexico El Sillón
Mexico Enlace Informativo Regional
Mexico El Heraldo de Chiapas
Mexico Radiokoshana FM
Mexico Quintana Roo Hoy,Ocurrió Aquí,Quinta Fuerza
Mexico Tabasco Hoy,Diario Presente
Mexico El Gráfico
Mexico El Observatorio del Sur
Pakistan K2 Times
Philippines Trends and Times
Philippines Home Radio Legazpi
Philippines Brigada News FM
Slovakia Aktuality
Country News Organization

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